The fancy of futile persuits

The fancy of futile persuits

The fancy of futile persuits

The notion of success is neither a expectation, nor desirable, or an end result. From a conscious perspective it is nothing more than fallacy.

A futile persuit based on a belief that only the fittest survive, the strongest lead, fuelled by the sneaky suspicion that only the clever and cunning will ever achieve the satisfaction of a job done well. 

Success is a futile persuit.

Contrary to common belief the sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, or worthyness doesn't abide as much in endearing successful relationships as it does in entraining the manifestation of intention.

While invoking creation may sound divine and conjure visions of secret rituals, dark arts and magic or infer some kind of divine power, the evidence at hand show that manifestation is a well documented, well established scientic principle.

For the sake of sanity it is imperative you know that your sense of ability is hampered by your faith, tempered in your bias, and that your point of view is inevidently indentured by what you think reality and reason should look like.

From a present sense perspective there is no better time than now, and no other time possible for cocreative manifestation. And no presence is more valuable than yours if you would share it intent, conscious and aware.

The serendipitous reward of Nature's confluence is no mean feat, but rather a means we choose to live our life's by. To take a leap of faith and soar beyond the limitation of what you believe is as easy as changing your point of view.

The wonder and awe we share in amaze and mutual endevour is no fools folly, but Nature's reward for us indulging her in mutual co-creation.

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